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Anti-counterfeiting technology tide Wenzhou Currency Counter Point times when the world

Author: Date:2012-10-8 12:40:14
The city since 1989, the successful development of China's first since Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines, Banknotes counter productive enterprises currently ranked number first in the country to occupy domestic product 60%% market, export more than 40 countries and regions. Wenzhou Currency Counter industry from scratch, from small to large, and the country formed a certain scale in the industry, have gone through a long process. But Wenzhou financial equipment industry long-standing "low, small and loose" state hindered the industry's overall pace of development, To truly become a national leader in the same industry, in particular the need to product quality and technical content lot of efforts.
Anti-counterfeiting technology tide
In recent days, city financial equipment industry trade associations and Zhejiang Vocational College of frequent contacts, The two sides are to discuss establishing a technology innovation center for research and development of new products and the promotion of industry structure adjustment. to better improve the city Currency Counter grades of the products industries.
In recent days, city financial equipment industry trade associations and Zhejiang Vocational College of frequent contacts, The two sides are to discuss establishing a technology innovation center for research and development of new products and the promotion of industry structure adjustment. to better improve the city Currency Counter grades of the products industries.
"In recent years, the market competition is increasingly fierce, our city some Currency Counter enterprises competing with imitation products industry designs to lower product prices as a means of competition, forming a factory in Wenzhou Currency Counter vicious competition, If such conditions do not improve in time, will seriously hamper the industry's overall development. "City financial equipment industry associations said that the Secretary-General Tao, Currency Counter technical service center, once established, will change the industry as "low, small and loose" state of a major breakthrough.
Wenzhou Banknotes counter the development of the industry, went through a low level to high level of the process, in fact, RMB forged with anti-counterfeit technology, but also experienced the process.
In 1979, Guangxi, a young carpenter, a convex printed forged five yuan denomination of the renminbi, printing is so ineffective if not now Ming Yin, At that time, but it caused no security awareness many people have "two years away." On the 1980s, certain lawless elements forged yuan technology "advances" of 1998, counterfeit watermark is very realistic, the authenticity of the safety line almost hard. Especially the 2001 version of the fake dollars, its highest level simulation, is something the industry as "super fake dollar" The city last year had collected 33.
But with the country's level of the forgery, counterfeit RMB identification technology is continually escalating, and continued to increase. It is understood that given the pseudo - Currency Counter principle, mainly collecting notes on the relevant information into digital signals, established identification system to identify the authenticity of banknotes. "Stephen counterfeit banknote acceptor is the enemy of counterfeit money, it is like the research and development of weapons, you have 'Scud', I developed the 'Patriot'. "The Secretary-General Tao sense of humor under analogy. "Today, enterprises in Wenzhou production of counterfeit banknote acceptor Stephen, grafting a modern military, the field of medicine some of the highest technology. "The Secretary-General Tao cited an example : in some anti-special film or TV series, often the emergence of such a scene : a writing a spy intelligence, but the human eye can not see. Subsequently, this information in certain chemical substances under the effect on white characters we slowly displayed. "Spy written intelligence use the ink, actually contain magnetic ink ingredients. Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines on the magnetic ink sensor is one of the core technologies. "
Security, having to leave avoid life most people departing the matter is the phenomena received counterfeit money. These counterfeit money, like a ghost wandering in people's side, and mercilessly plunder hard to save up people's wealth, disrupted the normal economic, financial and social order. The People's Bank of China from May 1988 to issue RMB 100 yuan per annum, August the same year in Shenzhen found that the first 100 vouchers mechanism Offset counterfeit money, from the issue of counterfeit money found only separated by three months. In recent years, the counterfeit production is to catch the express train of technology, obscured. However, the increase in counterfeit and forged raise the level of technology and to promote the development of security technology. "Discrimination is real currency by detecting the inherent characteristics to differentiate between truth and Although each of the world's countries and regions notes on the appearance of diversity, But there are many common features. "Tao presentation by the Secretary-General, since the RMB design, the use of specific materials, production processes, specifications, Stephen counterfeit banknote acceptor is to make these characteristics appropriate to summarize, Several arguments were developed after recognition model, the implementation of automatic identification machines. As the country does not have these characteristics, thereby Stephen seize counterfeit banknote circulating machines, the industry commonly referred to as "real anti-fake identification law." But with the development of technology, lawless elements counterfeiting techniques are being improved and some simulation higher counterfeit, "to really prevent Leave Act," are often difficult to distinguish from. "We are taking a tit-for-tat approach. "The Secretary-General Tao said," That is to say, in a real anti-counterfeit banknote acceptor Stephen false on the basis of such counterfeits certain characteristics summarized, and the establishment of an identification model If these characteristics are consistent with the counterfeiting, will be automatically seize Currency Counter, which is the so-called anti-fake to leave. "
Industry self-regulation for the lead in 1989, the city successfully developed the country's first since Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines, After more than 10 years of development, finance equipment products from the single production of Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines, Today, it has gradually developed a binding machine, including notes, notes, etc.-extension of more than 20 series over 100 varieties, Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines with an annual output of nearly 100 million, representing the country's total output of 60%% around. Banknotes counter product can be identified yuan respectively dollar, the euro, and Korean won, the Vietnamese currency, and so on. The city now has more than 10 enterprises in the products into Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than 40 countries and regions, has ranked the top 500 world enterprises in the first "Wal-Mart" of tens of thousands of Taiwan to provide financial tools. The city finance equipment machinery industries are developing rapidly, not only to the eyes of the nation, foreign experts have won the approval and praise. Germany, a financial expert equipment in an exhibition, watched in Wenzhou City, the financial equipment, sighed and said : "Three years ago, the Chinese market is, it seems equally popular. After three years we will be competitive on the international market. "But in fact, the Wenzhou Banknotes counter in the lead industry growth, there have also been a number of a certain size and grade of the Currency Counter manufacturers old and new enterprises to enter the same starting line. appeared in the beginning to reveal the situation. As the competition is increasingly fierce, the city Banknotes counter some enterprises to reduce the price competitiveness of quality as a major marketing tool, Banknotes counter market in recent years led to the disorder in vicious competition increasingly serious impact on the normal trade order. Last year, city financial equipment industry associations have drawn up a "common type of counterfeit banknote acceptor Stephen minimum price protection CISG" However, due to various reasons, the alliance led to price Convention valueless. In addition to strengthening industry self-regulation regulate market behavior, City financial equipment industry associations determined from the source to see if the quality of products, Zhejiang Trade and Industry Association and the Institute of Vocational and Technical preparation technology innovation centers. Banknotes counter will be set up a product testing laboratory, check on this to reduce the quality of the means of disorderly marketing vicious competitive situation, the overall industry to accelerate the pace of development.
"I hope in the near future, Wenzhou Currency Counter across the world can point to the notes. "Tao said the Secretary-General, "Because from a technical perspective, Wenzhou banknote circulating machines can count and identify anyone in the world, a country or region and the authenticity of the notes. "