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What You Need To Know About Counterfeit Money

Author: Date:2012-10-8 12:44:53
People have been counterfeiting money for as long as there has been money. Counterfeit money in simple English is the reproduction of a currency that a monopoly (such as the United States of America) has produced. If you deal with cash, you should know how to detect counterfeit money. One way to know if you have a fake bill is to compare it to one you know is real.
One of the best ways to know whether a bill is counterfeit or not is to look at the face on the bill, if the face looks life- like it is likely real. However, if the face on the bill looks flat it is counterfeit money. Another place to look for mistakes on counterfeit money is in the border of the bill on fake money the loops on the border will generally be faded or blurred together. When comparing the treasury seal the phony moneys teeth on the seal will be broken or distorted.
If a person does not want to take the time to inspect every bill he or she gets there are several machines that will do it for you. One such device is the UV-XD-8005(dual light system).This like most counterfeit money detector’s will work on any US currency made on or after 1969. When you pass the bill under the Ultra Violet (UV) light the UV sensitive markings on the bill will appear, if they do not appear then you will instantly know the bill is a fake.

This machine has one major flaw - it is bulky. This may be somewhat unattractive on the counter where people can see it. If you are looking for a detection system for your counter the NCT series is the counterfeit detector for you. This system works the same as the UV-16 only it is smaller and can be mounted in several positions on your counter.

This pen isn’t foolproof, as bleached and re-printed bills don’t contain the starch that causes the chemical reaction. Also, bills printed on any material similar to the cotton based U.S. bills will go undetected by the pen. However, counterfeiting by using a printer and wood based paper is becoming the most common, which increases the value of the pen.

If fast and easy is the way you want to go you can use the counterfeit detection pen. This device will fit in your shirt pocket so you can take it with you anywhere you go. There are two different types of counterfeit detection pens, the Dry Mark and the original counterfeit detection pen. The Dry mark pen uses ultra violet rays like the bulky machines aforementioned. The original detection pen uses an iodine solution that changes color when applied to wood based paper.


Whether you want to compare the bills or use the modern technology counterfeit money is not that hard to detect. All it takes is a little time or a little money.