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Why Every Person Should Carry A Counterfeit Money Detector

Author: Date:2012-10-8 12:45:37
The criminal act of counterfeiting currency is on the rise, especially in today’s economy. To protect yourself from losing potentially large sums of money to counterfeiters, there are several tips and tools designed for the job. Knowing what real currency looks and feels like can help you spot counterfeit bills. Having a real copy of the bill on hand can assist in identification, but there are a few points to check for.
Most U.S. dollars have an image of a president hidden inside the bill. This can be checked by holding up to the light. If the president makes an appearance, the bill is likely real. Every paper dollar printed comes with a unique serial number. This number should be evenly spaced and should appear in the same ink used in the Treasury Seal. The U.S. Treasury incorporates blue and red threads into every bill. These are more difficult to check for without a real bill to compare with. 
Citizens with a black light have an additional option to detect counterfeit bills. U.S. currency is embedded with a UV strip which is illuminated by the black light. This strip will appear as a yellow stripe. This method is highly effective as there is no way for counterfeiters to reproduce this strip.
Magnetic ink is a security feature the Bureau of Engraving and Printing recently added. Magnetic ink is another feature which cannot be reproduced. A series of magnetic ink detectors has been released to the public available at around two hundred and fifty dollars. These expensive detectors are effective but not practical. 
A new kind of pen has been developed to aid the public in identifying these counterfeit bills. Many people are familiar with this pen, as it is used at many retail stores by cashiers who are given large bills to change. This counterfeit money detector pen writes with an iodine based ink, which reacts with the wood based material used to make counterfeit bills. Real bills are made out of cotton fibers which have no response to the iodine. The pen leaves a clear to light yellow mark on authentic bills and a dark purple on counterfeit bills.
This pen isn’t foolproof, as bleached and re-printed bills don’t contain the starch that causes the chemical reaction. Also, bills printed on any material similar to the cotton based U.S. bills will go undetected by the pen. However, counterfeiting by using a printer and wood based paper is becoming the most common, which increases the value of the pen.
Counterfeit detector pens only cost around five dollars each, making them easily accessible to the public. Counterfeit detector pens work with all thread-based paper currency, including most foreign bills. Checking every dollar you obtain with this pen could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run. This is almost a necessary investment in today’s world. 
Of all the options for detecting counterfeit money, this is the most affordable and practical. You can carry a counterfeit detector pen easily in your pocket or purse, and protect yourself from losing money to counterfeiters. For such a small investment, there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t carry a counterfeit detecting pen. When it comes to your hard earned money, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.